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                                                                                                        Puppy Growth Chart


As you're getting your puppy acclimated to your household and trying to figure out just how much food to feed him/her, we HIGHLY recommend that you follow the weight chart below to avoid putting on too much weight too quickly. Excessive feedings can cause problems down the road.























We keep our puppies on Diamond Puppy Kibble found at Tractor Supply:



























Here is the transition process to use when changing your dog’s food:

  • Week 1: all old food

  • Week 2: 75% old food, 25% new food

  • Week 3: 50- 50 split

  • Week 4: 25% old food, 75% new food

  • Week 5: all new food


If at any point in the future you change your dog's diet to a new brand or type of food, you should follow a similar transition process.

While there are appropriate times to change a dog's diet, most veterinarians don't recommend frequent changes, as this can contribute to finicky eating habits and increase the potential for stomach upsets. However, some experts believe that you should routinely change your dog's food (particularly if he's eating a commercial dog food) so that any nutritional deficiencies in one brand of food can be addressed in another brand.

Whichever route you choose (consistency or variety), always watch your dog carefully when he first begins eating a new kind of food, so you will be able to determine whether it's giving him any problems.

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