Hi Deb,

I could have searched the whole world and could never find another breeder like you.  The communication with emails, photos and U tube is over the top.  I give you about excellent ratings. 

Your facility was immaculate, the puppy's surroundings and the premises of the parent's were very sanitary. 

The schedule for our appointment was so organized, convenient and professional.  Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all paperwork and the care for our little angel. 

She has sure helped filled the void from the loss of our jasmine.  We plan to purchase another rottie from you in the future.


Thank You,

Sybille & Linda (Isabella's Owners)

I just can't tell you enough how much we are enjoying our little Tebow.  He has been a great addition to our family. 

I thought that our process with getting him with you was wonderful. 

You were so good about sending us updates on how he was doing and how he was growing. 

We, as a family, would look forward to getting your email each morning. 

You were also so accommodating with our visit schedule,

you would let us come during the week even though I am sure it was a lot of work for you to have us come. 

We can't thank you enough for allowing us to do that.  Your facility was always SO clean, along with the puppies and mama. 

It was also so nice to be able to go and visit with all of the other adults that were on sight, including the dad. 

It means a lot to be able to see the temperament of the adults dogs, so thank you for allowing this.
I have attached a few photos of Tebow, he is truly spoiled rotten. 

He weighed in at 10 pounds at his 7 week visit, he has already grown so much since,

I can't wait to see how much he has grown when we go to his 10 week visit.
I will keep you posted on how he is doing.
Thanks again for our little Tebow.

After my divorce, my dream was simply to have my own home and a dog. I wanted my own little space in the world for just us 2, but not just any dog, it had to be a Rottie. I’d had 2 before and fell in love with the breed... And once you have a rottie, really there is just no other dog that will do.


 I was introduced to Blackjade Rottweiler’s’ and immediately followed the pregnancy of Brutus and Black Jade.  I was impressed right away with the questionnaire that Momma Deb required for prospective new owner. Rotties are a special breed and they need and deserve a special home. They require a lot of love and attention, and you quickly learn that they are part of the family and expect to be treated as such.


The updates of Jade’s pregnancy were daily and I’d been given an open invite to visit during and after her pregnancy. I was undecided and went back and forth with my decision to get a pup as I knew what I would be committing to. Well, the puppies arrived on July 6, 2010 and I fell in love with every last one, but was still not ready to commit. I watched them grow with daily pics and videos online. Deb answered every email and calls from a still skeptical me. As I watched them go 1 by 1 to new homes, I was smitten with all the pups, so I decided to go for a visit. The dogs’ lodging and surroundings were all clean. The nursery where Jade nursed her pups was spotless. Jade was very calm with me in the room and behaved nicely as Deb plucked pink girl for me to hold. Still undecided, I left a pink blanket with Deb as an act of good faith. 


Deb kept sending daily pictures and videos of Pink Girl. I was torn and decided to send a picture of Pink Girl to my daughter and asked, “What will I name her?” without hesitation, she said “SASHA” and I had my answer. I knew she was meant to be mine. 


Rotties need a firm hand and consistent handling. During Sasha's first year, I called Deb on more than 1 occasion with questions, & concerns relative to the handling of my big ol baby bear! Deb was always there to take my calls, answer all my questions, and provide guidance. At 2 years of age, and 110 lbs, Sasha is an absolute sweetie. a true gentle giant. I can't wait to get home to my Big Ol Baby Bear everyday :)   

Thanks, Renna

Molly is wonderful and spoiled rotten.  As I type she is lying at my feet chewing a birthday bone.  We moved to Florida a little over a year ago.  She loves to play in the surf and has been known to jump in the pool with the kids if they have her tennis balls.  She plays well with dogs of all sizes and adores children.  She loves the ice machine and will come running anytime someone hits the frig for ice. Molly has no idea how big she is and often steps on your feet trying to get even closer.  As you can see, she is a beautiful dog. 

In our family we have an experienced Rottweiler owner and breeder and me a new owner of Rottweilers.  My expectations were actually very simple.  I wanted a puppy that had good blood lines, sweet and massive.   It was very exciting for me to have found Brutus on the Internet.  When I did I knew he was the one I wanted a puppy out of him.   His demeanor and his head did it for me.  On the video when Deb was feeding him and Jade treats he would always be gentle and let her have the first one.  When we came and picked out our first girl from Deborah, we both just had to see Brutus.  When we went out and asked if she would let him out, she was shocked and amazed that we both just got down on our knees with such a massive boy and played.  He is a gentle giant and exceeded our expectations. 


    With both breeding's and pregnancies we had daily updates one Jade and Envy, videos as soon as the puppies were here.  Photos everyday of my girl's just made the day.  It makes you feel like you are helping the whole way through.  Any questions we had or concerns she was very knowledgeable and guided us through every step of the way.  If we wanted to make numerous trips or just one to pick up the puppies Deborah was always gracious and very accommodating to our schedules.  From the time you walked into Deb's house or the outside pens, or the nursery  it was always spotless and very well organized. The puppies were always clean, smelled good and little balls of fuzz.   She had provided a palace for them. 


    I wanted authentic german names for both my girls that I purchased from Deb.  She provided within minutes both pedigrees Brutus and Jade/Envy for us to go over and pick a name from which went back three generations.  Even down to the puppie packet there was pedigrees all the information you and your vet at home would ever need.  My Vet has commented on numerous occassions that my breeder is very well organized and respectful of the breed to go to these lengths to offer all this information.


    Deborah is a wonderful person, breeder and a great friend!  Thank you again for my two wonderful girls!!  We really do appreciate you!

Susan & Rob

I wanted to just thank for my wonderful experience with Black Jade Rottweilers.  Your email updates throughout the entire process were awesome.  I always felt very involved and in the loop at all times. 

Once the puppies were born your additional photos and videos with the updates allowed me to keep my husband who's currently in Kuwait involved as well.  He loved it!

Scheduling for visits were flexible and the puppy nursery was above standards in its cleanliness. 

Your explanation of the paperwork and what was provided again was above standards and appreciate your thoroughness.  All in all the experience was awesome! 

I would highly recommend to another buyer and I look forward to being a repeat customer!


Marisca Carter

Roxie - Brutus x Zena female @ 2yrs old

Hi Ms.Deb, Just wanted to let you know Kira is doing very well with the family. I'll have Sarah upload some pictures soon.

Just want to let everyone know that Black Jade Rottweilers are some of the best possible examples of the breed. If anyone is having any doubts about purchasing their next family member from them, stop!

Before we decided to buy I researched all over the web for Rotti breeders, there are quite a few out there! We live in Alabama so I was mainly looking around the southeast area.

After many many searches and reading about the breeders and how they do things, I started noticing a few things such as some of the pictures they had posted.

Things that I was looking for were, up to date pictures, cleanliness, and the general appearance of the areas in which they were kept. I can tell you that Ms.

Deb as I have called her during our "adoption process" has been outstanding. We felt as if we knew our furry family member from day one. Pictures at
birth, pictures every couple of days and videos. We actually watched her grow till we picked her up. The day we planned on picking her up was exciting, Ms.

Deb gave very good directions to her home. We were welcomed inside the family home as if we were in fact family. When she opened the door our baby was right there staring at us in Ms.Debs arms.

We were welcomed to see the parents and the other family members you get to know through the website, pictures and videos that are sent.

Everything was very clean, Ms.Deb explained all the paperwork with us, asked if we had any questions, let myself take pictures of our rotti's parents, and areas in which they are kept.

We then went downstairs into the nursery, yes inside the hm, heated and cooled, tiled floor, very sanitary and were able to see little brothers & sisters.

I was very much impressed with the whole process from start to finish. Once again any doubts about the breeder should stop. Just look at
the website carefully and look at some of the others, you WILL see the difference! No puppy mill breeder here, just someone who loves the rotti breed and her "babies". ....................

Many thanks Ms.Deb, 

                                    Don and Sarah Simmons

Hey Deb. We wanted to thank you so much for our baby Kiss Girl. She is a wonderful addition to the family. She is great with the kids, and brings much joy to everyone she comes in contact with.

She is growing so fast it is unreal. We keep wondering where our little puppy went. We would and will recommend Black Jade Rottweilers to anybody looking for a Rottweiler. The facility is well kept.

The dogs are royal, and the family is great. Thanks Deb and Family.

From The Allaire- Douglasville GA




Officer James Little

Our experience with Deborah and her Rotties


We first began looking for a Rottweiler to add to our family about 7 months after  we lost our first rottie “Buck” to old age.  We had started looking on line at all the ads, and websites of local breeders. We had emailed a few people that had dogs that we liked.  Breeding Rottweiler’s is such a huge responsibility  and we found plenty that were in it for the wrong reasons.  When I first saw the ad for Brutus, we were immediately captivated by his presence in his photo.  I emailed Deborah, who got back to me right away with all the answers to our questions.  She breeds Rottweiler’s because she a passion for the breed.  She screens her buyers, to make sure the puppy’s she sells are going to homes where the Rottweiler is understood for what he is, and can be given the proper love and guidance to make a great dog with a great purpose,  whether it be laying by your chair while kids crawl around him, or professional work. We put a deposit down for first pick male, and the mom of that litter ended up miscarrying.  So when the next litter came along, we got first pick of that litter, and it was totally meant to be!  We are now the proud owners of Mouse! Deborah was very thorough with all information, always provided videos and pictures a couple times a week at least.  We  met  Brutus and Priska, my 2 little boys played with Brutus in the back yard and his temperament was exactly what we were looking for.  Her dogs were very well behaved and her home was clean and set up very nicely for her dogs.  We enjoyed our experience with Deborah and her Rottweiler’s and would definitely go back or recommend her to someone looking for a great Rottweiler.


Adam, Jessie, Noah, Bowen & Mouse North

We really appreciate the communication and the ability to see the puppies as they were growing. Plenty of pics and videos kept us up to date. Love the fact that we were able to see the pedigree papers. Your dogs were well behaved and the kennels were very clean. We were offered to socialize with the adult dogs. Upon pick up, the paper work was explained in detailed. Our Rico is very cute, healthy and weighing 35lbs @ 3.5 months.


Carlos & Stacy

In our family we have an experienced Rottweiler owner and breeder and me a new owner of Rottweilers.  My expectations were actually very simple.  I wanted a puppy that had good blood lines, sweet and massive.   It was very exciting for me to have found Brutus on the Internet.  When I did I knew he was the one I wanted a puppy out of him.   His demeanor and his head did it for me.  On the video when Deb was feeding him and Jade treats he would always be gentle and let her have the first one.  When we came and picked out our first girl from Deborah, we both just had to see Brutus.  When we went out and asked if she would let him out, she was shocked and amazed that we both just got down on our knees with such a massive boy and played.  He is a gentle giant and exceeded our expectations. 


    With both breeding's and pregnancies we had daily updates one Jade and Envy, videos as soon as the puppies were here.  Photos everyday of my girl's just made the day.  It makes you feel like you are helping the whole way through.  Any questions we had or concerns she was very knowledgeable and guided us through every step of the way.  If we wanted to make numerous trips or just one to pick up the puppies Deborah was always gracious and very accommodating to our schedules.  From the time you walked into Deb's house or the outside pens, or the nursery  it was always spotless and very well organized. The puppies were always clean, smelled good and little balls of fuzz.   She had provided a palace for them. 


    I wanted authentic german names for both my girls that I purchased from Deb.  She provided within minutes both pedigrees Brutus and Jade/Envy for us to go over and pick a name from which went back three generations.  Even down to the puppie packet there was pedigrees all the information you and your vet at home would ever need.  My Vet has commented on numerous occassions that my breeder is very well organized and respectful of the breed to go to these lengths to offer all this information.


    Deborah is a wonderful person, breeder and a great friend!  Thank you again for my two wonderful girls!!  We really do appreciate you!

Susan & Rob

We purchased our baby girl Mayzee from Black Jade Rottweiler in February 2012. When we saw her , we knew we had to have her. Black Jade met our expectations to the fullest. Deb was very informative and answered any and all questions we had. I personally have never been to a dog kennel, so I was unsure what to expect but her kennel s are exceptional! There was no smell or mess anywhere. Everything was very neat and clean and in order. The adult dogs were very well behaved and their kennels were clean too. We got to meet Mr.Brutus who by the way, is a “Beast” just jaw dropping and Envy the mother who is a very beautiful Rottweiler herself. Upon receiving Miss Mayzee, Deb sent us pictures and updates of how she was doing, what she did that day and how loving our little baby was. She let us come to visit a few times before we actually took her home and that was awesome. Our children and family members got a chance to play with her and get familiar with her before we brought her home. All the paperwork was explained and given to us. Deb went into detail on the pedigree, shots, AKC and any other questions and concerns we had. Black Jade definitely has my vote for top Rottweiler kennels!!! I would absolutely purchase another Rottie from them. Now we have a healthy and lovable 4 month old Rottie who loves to play and we are so glad to have her in our family.             


Thanks Deb and Black Jade Rottweilers



The Hampton Family and Mayzee

TO: Deborah Brown

FROM: Enrique and Erika Lutin

RE: Ms. Purple aka Princess Maya


First off I want to thank you for being so great with us and adding beautiful princess Maya to our family.

As you know we bought our first Rottie from another site a few years back and what we went through

with them was a complete 180 from how things went when getting Maya. Any questions we had

before, during and after having Maya were not only answered but explained and in a very prompt

manner. We have taken Maya to the vet a few times now and she is in perfect health, we were not

given any problems with the information you provided from her first shots. Her parents are beautiful

dogs and we were able to meet them with no fear of aggression. There areas were very clean and well

kept as well as the dogs were. We were provided with all the pedigree information, and it was

explained to us thoroughly because this was our first time dealing with that and resources for our own

research was provided. I have saved all the pictures and videos sent to us while awaiting Maya’s pickup.

When she was ready to be picked up you were able to accommodate our schedule. Overall we

enjoyed working with you and wouldn’t think twice about going back or referring you to people

interested in great rottie’s.


Thank you so very much,

Lutin Family

Where do I begin?  Words cannot convey enough the bond we have developed with Deb and Bobby during this process. We started looking for a "dog" way back in February and what we have today are life long friends and a new family member Ms Schatten who after only one week in our home has captured our hearts and souls beyond measure. From the very first meeting with Deb we knew we were getting our puppy from Blackjaderottweilers . The knowledge,the pack,the living conditions, the puppy area were phenomenal . One look at Brutus and Zena and we were finished.We just had to have one of their puppies. 
From that first meeting the process actually begins. Deb keeps you informed with photos,videos,text messages and phone calls. She let us know Exactly when Zena was in heat and when the "AI" would take place. She kept us informed almost daily about the pregnancy and would send weekly videos and pictures of Zena and how her habits were slightly changing as the pregnancy progressed. We were allowed and often encouraged to come out anytime  we liked to visit and spend time with them. We were always so full of questions and Deb was always so patient with her knowledgeable answers. From day one we placed a deposit on first pick male since our hearts were set on a male. Toward the end of Zenas pregnancy Deb found out there might only be four puppies which made us a little concerned about getting a male. Then the time came for the little boogers to come into the world. Deb immediately texted us the time has come. We were so excited it was like we were having a baby ourselves! The birth took hours yet we were kept informed the whole time. In the morning Deb informed us there were only four puppies one male and three females unfortunately the male did not make it. We were heart broken, Deb asked us if we wanted our deposit back, we told her we would think about it. After about 5 minutes we were so impressed and had developed such a bond with Deb and Bobby we  were totally okay with getting a female from her. We felt loyal to her already,and would not have been happy getting a puppy from another breeder.
Debs commitment to her pack and the babies were something to see for yourself. She is all about the love! It's not just a business she loves what she does and it shows. We visited on weekends and chose Ms yellow early on who is now Ms Schatten, our pride and joy and we cannot say thank you enough to Deb, Bobby and Blackjaderottweilers for enhancing our lives with such a beautiful Rottweiler . Ms Scatten is so full of life and energy and it all has do with the love and affection that has surrounded her since the day she was born. We couldn't be happier with our breeder  and our puppy. It has been one of the most happiest experiences of our lives.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Brett & Jodi

Everything is going well she's starting to get use to all of us. She has done well with holding her bladder thru the night or/until she goes out around 6:00am, Healthy and Shots were given and she has not seem to miss a beat. Hoping to get pics up on facebook this week and I will forward the survey this week also I been really busy with work the since I got home. Thanks again.


Reece E. Ledbetter, Field Engineer

I am so glad that we found you online. My husband and i have wanted a rottie for a very long time but timing wasn't right nor could i find the perfect breeder. Once we found you guys online we felt as though this is it. Your web page is very well put together and professional which made our decision to purchase from you much easier.We love our little bundle of joy he (KING) couldn't have came at a better time. Deborah we sooo loved how you kept us updated weekly with photos and videos it felt as though we were there throughout the whole growing process, and you have a very trusting open line of communication, which I thinks also makes your level of professionalism superior. Our overall experience has been truly amazing even all the way up to the point where we made a visit to your home. We were very please with the cleanliness of your kennel. If we had to rate you Black Jade Rottweilers would definitely get ten STARS. We had a pleasure doing business with you i would most definitely use in in the future. Best Professional Breeder Ive ever Met. Thank you soo Much for my little King and BTW He is just adorable and we be greatly SPOILED again thanks for everything. 


Taneka,Terrance, Tamya, King & Skip 

After searching the internet for Rottweiler’s I came across a webpage Black Jade Rottweiler’s. What attracted me to the webpage was a picture of Brutus. Then I further searched the webpage going through the different tabs. What sealed the deal for me was the about us tab the picture of the x-ray of Deborah with a Rottweiler picture as her heart. Being the previous owners of a “rotti” my husband and I feel the same way.


 Beyond our expectations! I would like to thank Blackjade Rottweiler for the new addition to our family. Deborah Brown was very professional. Deborah would send pictures and/or videos weekly keeping us well informed of Caesar “Green boy” progress. Our family could not wait until we recieved email from Deborah, we would show Caesar pictures off to everyone so they could also see the growth of our bundle of joy. Deborah was available to answer any questions or concerns we were having. Deborah even informed us of the AKC paper and provided proof of AKC litter registration.


During the process of picking our little man we were able to go to Deborah home and visit. Deborah house was very clean and no smell noted. The day we arrived the temperature was cool, although we were able to meet Caesar parents and other Rottweiler’s there was no aggression noted.  Very impressed with the appearance of the outside kennels, well-kept and clean, no odor noted. We were not able to socialize with adult dogs related to the weather.


Then finally the day came for pickup. My son was so excited about the pickup of the big dog. When we arrived Caesar was ready and we were also ready. Caesar was freshly bathed and smelled so fresh and clean. Priska and Brutus pedigree tree was provided and explained. The AKC registration and paperwork was explained and Deborah thoroughly explained the paperwork. Upon arriving home Caesar was introduced to Buster (York terrier). Caesar immediately started running around and playing with Buster. After being home a week Caesar recognizes his name. Caesar is very happy and healthy puppy. He loves being outside in the yard playing in the leaves.


Definitely would recommend and purchase another Rottweiler from Deborah.

Thanks Deborah & Bobby Brown and Black Jade Rottweiler’s for Caesar.


The McClary’s

(Ben, Lil Ben, & Karen)

Awhile ago my mom and I were searching AJC Pets and came across a listing for Rottweiler puppies from Black Jade Rottweilers.  At the time we were not in search of a puppy, but just liked to look at all the pictures of puppies on the website.  So about a year later we were ready to purchase another puppy and I decided that I was going to check out their website.  Going through all the different tabs and learning about how they run their kennel and all the information that was on their website I knew I wanted to have one of their puppies.  I am extremely pleased with the overall experience with Deborah and Bobby Brown.  Allowing my family and I to come over and meet the parents, and also allowing my family and I to come visit every weekend until I picked up my precious Kiska.  Deborah kept me very inform by sending email’s every week of Priska’s pregnancy and when the puppies were finally born she would send photos and videos weekly.  Any questions that came up throughout this whole process were answered and answered in a very timely manner.  When we came out to meet the parents of my future puppy their outside kennels were very clean and when we went to visit Kiska after she was born the nursery was clean and no odor was noted.  The AKC paperwork was explained thoroughly and any questions that I had were explained.  Kiska was given a clean bill of health when she was taken to the vet and I couldn’t be more pleased with Deborah and Bobby Brown.  I am so glad that I found Black Jade Rottweilers.  Kiska is having fun and adjusting very well into her new home and playing with her older brothers Kane (Rottweiler) and Riggs (Boxer).  I would definitely purchase another puppy from Black Jade Rottweilers, in fact my parents are purchasing a puppy from a future litter.  Thank you so much for the most precious puppy.


Donna Nourie

Hi Deborah,

Here is our testimonial for your website:

We are so happy with the service, breeding practices and quality of puppies from Black Jade Rottweiler’s. Deborah was amazing throughout the entire process. She kept us informed regarding all aspects of the pregnancy and puppy development with pictures and videos of our fur baby as she was growing up. I’m so thankful to have beautiful photos of our baby girl from the day she was born up until the day we brought her home. Deborah cares for her adult Rottweilers and their puppies as her babies.  Anytime we had a question or concern, she was quick to respond with her knowledge and expertise. The first visit to the vet determined our baby was a very healthy and well cared for pup. We could not have asked for a better experience! I have already recommended her to friends and family.



Jodi & Steve Cantonis, with baby “Zealey”

First of all.. Thanks to god that he gave me the opportunity of know you!!! We liked the way you had attended us...and all the time we couldn't meet on a scheduled visit we would ask you if we can change the time/date & it would be fine with you... Black Jade Rottweilers is a very professional & the puppies are beautiful... Thanks for letting me make one of my wishes come true... Thank you... & God Bless Y'all..

Sincerely: The Rosales Family

We are so excited about the new edition to our family.  Words cannot express our gratitude to Deb and Bobby for the amazing job they did bringing Zeus into our lives.  Black Jade Rottweilers exceeded our expectations.  Their professionalism and friendliness made our experience even better.  
Deb kept us abreast during the process from Envy's pregnancy until it was time to bring Zeus home.

We were thrilled each time we received e-mails and Facebook posts about the puppies' development.  Deb made herself, the puppies and the pedigree paperwork available.  She graciously answered our questions in layman’s terms.  
Whenever we visited Deb's home it was clean, inviting and orderly.  The puppy nursery was clean and odor-free.
When we visited the adult dogs, we found them to be loving and even-tempered.  We fell in love immediately.  
Thank you again Deb & Bobby for our wonderful experience.  We cannot thank you enough for Zeus.

Keith, Katrina, Kennedi and Zeus.

Overall, Black Jade Rottweilers met our expectations with timely updates, easy payments and great pictures and video of our new pup’s progress. 

Black Jade was able to accommodate our schedule for viewing; we felt informed over the explanation of the pedigree paperwork and benefited from our questions being answered adequately and informatively.

The puppies always looked and smelled healthy, the adult dogs did not appear to have any aggression issues and the outside kennels were clean and well kept.

When we came to pick up our pup, the AKC paperwork was clearly explained and we very happy to take our healthy puppy home with us.



Greg Schreffler
Satisfied Customer

You kept us informed on a weekly basis of the status of the growth of the puppy, shots, medical updates and the great video during Envy’s pregnancy and after Noble was born. W

e truly enjoyed feeling apart of the entire process from the pregnancy updates throughout our Noble being born and developing under your care. 

Everything was organized and well-kept. We also appreciate the time you took to explain the paperwork and AKC application.


Wesley & Ivy Sellers

My overall experience with Black Jade Rottweilers was excellent. Probably the best i have ever had. Loved getting videos of momma dog Envy getting bigger every week.I have never got to see that. Getting pictures of the babies from the 1st day on was so much fun I couldn't wait to check my email to see if we got new pictures. My friends and family were also very excited to see new pictures. My little (well not so little lol) Emmy is such a happy and healthy girl. I couldn't ask for a better pup. She settled right in and became best friends with her sister 8 month old Dalmatian Jasmine from the moment they saw each other. I thank you all for the great socialization to make that a easy and happy meeting. Deborah was a joy to meet, her home/dogs were clean with no smell of puppies. We sat down and she showed me all the paper work she gave with the puppies and made sure I understood everything. I got to see her adult dogs who are all beautiful. Once again I would like to thank Black Jade for the most precious Christmas present I could ever get.


Happy New Year !!!!!
Heather, Jasmine And Baby girl Emmy Richardson
Springfield IL

How do I start this testimonial should I use the words awesome, professional or rather everything I expected and more.  If you are considering getting yourself a Rottweiler Black Jade Rottweiler’s should be you first pick. I not only say that because I was a recent buyer but the treatment that was provided by them was home-welcoming and all so informative. Throughout the whole process from that very first email about interest to the departure of my pup Black Jade Rottweiler’s kept me up to date about everything from when by pup was in its mother’s womb, there were weekly and daily updates pictures text messages all that good stuff to keep me informed, I couldn’t be more please. Even when it seems impossible Deborah was even able to render solutions to remedy the problem. Deborah was always available and made the time for us to come and collect our puppy upon arrival to Deborah’s home the area was clean and the puppy area was also clean. I got my pup from Priska and Brutus’ litter and they both looked great. Brutus was bigger than we expected, he was like a cute baby there staring at us. The kennels outside were clean and they didn’t smell bad at all. We were also offered an opportunity to socialize with the adult dogs. And upon pick up Deborah sat me down and thoroughly explained me to the AKC paperwork.  Finally the puppy we received was a healthy puppy and up to this day he still is a healthy puppy. Thanks so much Deborah for going out of your way to help us with Brisco and looking forward to collecting a next pup from you.


The Abraham Family - British Virgin Island


You surpassed expectations. I’ve never met a breeder that keeps buyers so abreast of the puppy’s progress along the way. You The emails, texts, youtube videos, etc. were fantastic! This actually helps you the most as a breeder family. There are a ton of breeders out their but many do not utilize marketing resources the way that blackjade rotties does.  The pics and videos drew me in and helped to establish a since of closeness to the puppy even before bringing him into our own home! AHow could a house with all those dogs running around still smell so pleasant? (*Mind Boggling). Brutus (father of Brucie) was actually quite “Chill”. Maybe its because he’s older, doesn’t have time for foolishness, and just enjoys a peaceful day like humans. I don’t know, “go-figure” lol! 



 Jiwann and Shade’ Dixon

Hey Deborah! I’m so sorry this has been so delayed! Between the kids spring break & trying to keep them occupied, the fact I’ve been obsessively working on 6 quilts I have to get done for Mother’s Day & birthdays, and I also added hand making a Waldorf doll for my daughter to my sewing list as a reward for her doing so well at finally using the potty… I totally forgot to send our testimonial! I also included a few recent pics & I’ll send a few more in a separate email because I’m sure they would have all been too big for one email.


Judge is doing so good. And he’s getting so big! Still working on potty training, but he’s really doing good for not quite 11 weeks old. He’s getting much better about his puppy nipping, and I know a lot of that will pass as he gets older & past his teething. He’s a smart little thing too. This evening I was giving him & Baxley a few little bites of salmon as I was cooking dinner, & at first Judge was jumping & attacking my whole hand to get that little piece of goodness! I told him No, & kept taking my hand away & telling him Easy, & putting my hand back down slowly, & it didn’t take him any time to figure that one out. He’s also figured out if he manages to get a hold of one of the kids toys, if he runs behind the couch with it they can’t reach him. J He still has plenty of puppy in him, but he really is a good boy. He’s super laid back, doesn’t freak out about anything, is great with new people. Basically everything we were hoping to get. I hope to get his obedience training started in the next couple weeks. Oh, and feel free to use any pics I send you on Judge’s slideshow on your web page!


“We had such a great experience with Black Jade Rottweilers. As soon as we saw pictures of Brutus on their website my husband and I agreed we needed one of his puppies. And the fact that they health test their dogs & are obviously not another BYB was icing on the cake. Deborah responded immediately and put us on the list for first pick male of Priska’s upcoming litter. But shortly after, I saw they were planning a breeding for Zena and Deborah was very accommodating at letting us change to first pick male for Brutus x Zena. She kept us updated through everything… waiting for Zena to be ready to be bred, the day she went for her Transcervical AI, confirming the pregnancy, keeping us posted on Zena’s progress, and calling when the x-ray showed Zena was pregnant with only one puppy! We were all pretty surprised about that, but Deborah made sure we knew if that one was a female, there would be no problems moving our deposit to first pick male of another litter or refunding our deposit. Going into the process we were absolutely ready, & willing, to wait as long as we needed to get our perfect pup. And we got him! Zena had a boy and Deborah called me first thing to let me know & sent pictures. She kept me updated with pictures & videos throughout his 7 weeks with them. She was flexible with our pickup time and had our happy, healthy little boy all bathed & ready for us. She had all the paperwork together and answered any questions we had. Judge got home & fit right in like he’d always been here… with his Shih Tzu brother, a human brother & sister, & 2 cat sisters! He’s so easy going & laid back. He has a wonderful temperament, & that’s something that is obviously important to Deborah. He’s such a great addition to our family. If (oh, who am I kidding) WHEN we decide to add another Rottie to our family, we plan on going back to Deborah and Black Jade Rottweilers. The only complaint I had was that Deborah wouldn’t let us take Brutus home with us too.”


Thanks so much Deborah!!   Brandi  : )

Hey Bobby and Deb, 


Finally getting around to thanking you for such a pleasant experience in buying diesel being a second time buyer we already knew what kind of people we were dealing with and couldn't have more impressed with the updates the pictures we were getting. When we came to first see Priska for my daughter for her pup and knew I had to have one of hers puppy's and was so glad to have gotten first pick male. But back to why I'm writing this. Anyone who reads this you are dealing with a very caring and loving family to these dogs. When I took Diesel for his first vet visit with all the paper work deb had given us they were very impressed with the records that were kept regarding our dog our vet said most breeders don't keep records this detailed. So in ending Diesel and Kiska are becoming a handful to deal with but I wouldn't have it any other way their both precious and a big part of our family


Thanks again for a great experience


The Nourie Family

Dear Deborah and Bobby,


Our family would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and utmost satisfaction in regards to our experience with Black Jade Rottweiler.  We were so nervous looking around online for a breeder and throughout the entire process were consistently reassured we had made the right decision choosing Black Jade!!  You guys went above and beyond any expectation we as a family had!!!  We were so excited to receive our weekly updates on the mother, during the breeding and pregnancy.  We were even more excited to get the weekly, sometimes daily, pictures of our little guy and the other puppies.  It made us feel like we were already an important part of our puppy and his growth. The videos we received were the best part, getting to see the puppies in action!!  Again, our expectations were more than met as we did not expect you to take the extra time to make sure we got to see our puppy grow those first few weeks!!! Seeing how happy and healthy, not to mention how well cared for he was, made us so happy to have found you guys!!!!


Again, we were put to ease when we drove out to your home to visit our little guy!  The kennels and cages were tidy and clean.  There was plenty of room.  The adult dogs were very well cared for.  We also appreciated you showing us the family tree and pedigree documents on the parents of our puppy.  Very professional and was so willing to answer all the questions we had. We even got to meet his parents! It was a very good feeling to see where our dog came from and to see that the both of you genuinely care about the dogs you breed and the puppies you sell.  We loved seeing the bond you had already built with our little guy and knew that he came from such a loving home and business. 


Now that our puppy is home, we can't help but feel like you all are still a great part of his life and we are eager to share with you our pictures and videos of what a cute, happy, and healthy dog he is!  We are especially grateful that anytime we have had a question about what to do now that he is home, you have been more than happy to assist us, even though it is no longer your responsibility! 


So, to sum it up, Deborah and Bobby, THANK YOU!!!!  Thank you for the opportunity to have this healthy, happy little guy.  Stig is already spoiled rotten and we can't wait to bring him for a visit!!!  We will GLADLY refer anyone who will listen and wants a Rottweiler puppy to you!!!!


Thank you,

The Bounds Family

We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful little girl. What a wonderful experience we had waiting and watching this little one come into this world. We experienced the pregnancy, with pictures sent weekly showing us how she was doing and how much her belly had grown. And during the birth one by one we were sent messages telling us about her progress and the arrival of each puppy! And twice a week we would receive pictures of all the puppies and video footage as they grew! It was so unique and so perfect; we will have these moments to spend with her for the rest of our lives.  I am so pleased with Deborah and the time she spent with us. She allowed all the buyers to come out to the property when it was time to select our puppies. I lived out of state and because the weather was bad, I opted to do the selection process over the phone. She was so wonderful- sending me extra pictures and even more video to see the girls so I could pick my Sophia! She gave me advice and some insight of each of their personalities. The day of pickup couldn’t come soon enough as I was so excited. When we pulled up Little Miss Sophia was on the front porch with Deborah to greet us! She took us outside to see the parents and meet the others, I was impressed by the cleanliness and how behaved all the dogs were.  Once we finished saying hi to the dogs, we went over the paperwork which was explained thoroughly. I did not leave with any questions unanswered, truly a wonderful process. We brought my beautiful girl home and she was as healthy as could be, great stools! This says a lot about the condition of the puppies. We took her in to the vet for a health check, he went over every inch of her and she was perfect! He tested her stools~ all free and clear from any worms.  She is eating wonderfully and we have slowly transitioned her over to the food we have for her and she is just growing like crazy. Her bone structure, her coloring, her disposition~ just utterly flawless! And her personality is just a bonus- She settled in with my other 2 dogs just fine. I think if anything, she’s in charge now! Black Jade Rottweiler’s is not just a typical breeder, they gave us memories and moments that we will treasure forever. And for that I will always be grateful for!


Sincerely,  Tiffany Griffith

Little Miss Sophia 

Hi Deb


We have been looking to get another rottie for sometime. We came across Deb web page on facebook.I must say we had one of the greatest experience ever on purchasing a puppy. Deb met all expectations and more. She kept us posted from the day Envy got pregnant to the day the puppies were born. She kept us posted with pictures and videos through out the entire process. Deb also answer any and all question that we had as the puppies grew we couldn't wait to get him home. When pickup day came we were ready to drive 597 miles oneway to get our baby we felt if we drive that far to get one of Deb babies we felt she is a great breeder. Deb had all the paperwork ready she explained the akc and all the paperwork for the puppy. All her dogs are sweet they do not have aggressive or temper problems they are well taken care of. I can tell this breeder loves her dogs.Brutus & Envy are unbelievably beautiful. The pictures she takes does no justice you will need  to see Brutus in person. The facility is very clean you would never know she is a breeder no smells at all. After bringing our baby home we took him to the vet he is a very healthy pup. We had one of the most wonderful experience ever on purchasing a puppy. We are looking forward to purchasing another one of her babies again. Black Jade Rottweilers meet all expectation and more. Great job to Deb & Bobby for such a great experience. 


                                                                   James & jackie Lewis & Orpheus

                                                                             Laquita & Nikitesha Lewis

As a family that has had Rottweilers for over 20 years and with the passing of our last one a couple of years ago, we decided it was time for us to find another big lap dog to join our family. Our internet search began for what appeared to be reputable breeders in the Southeast. We came upon BlackJadeRottweilers.com and were immediately mesmerized by the photos of the parents and previous litters. We reviewed the entire site with a fine tooth comb, checking out pedigrees and certifications and were wowed with the detail provided on the parents. Although we were not needing a show quality dog, we wanted a show-quality dog that would also be of great temperament and an amazing household companion for many years to come.


Looking for a male pup, we saw an upcoming litter of Brutus and Envy and that two of the male pups had already been spoken for. We gave Deb a call one evening to feel her out, ask questions and get general information about her dogs and breeding habits. She was an open book and I was full of questions. However, she did not hesitate to answer all of my many questions in great detail, and was not anxious to end our call. As a family, we discussed it later that night and decided we wanted one of these “soon-to-arrive”  amazing pups.


Throughout the remainder of the pregnancy, Deb continued to keep us abreast with weekly updates of everything that was going on with Envy via email, text message and Facebook. As pregnancy rapidly approached, we became increasingly excited about our new baby-to-be. Once they were finally born, we were beside ourselves and knew the upcoming 7 weeks would be the longest 7 weeks ever. During that time, we were given weekly updates on how the pups were all doing and provided photos of them as they grew.


When we were able to visit her home on week 6 to pick the actual pup that we would get, we realized that in the next week, the dream was about to become reality. She was very flexible in arranging times for us to visit her home and did so in a way that was suitable to each of the new owners. We visited the pups in their nursery and played there and in the yard with the ones we would be choosing between. We were also allowed to see all of her adults, which were clearly well taken care of.


When the day FINALLY came for us to pick up our new little buddy, Deb had all paperwork prepared and ready for our arrival in a very organized manner. All paperwork (i.e. AKC registration process, , Pedigrees, vaccines, etc.) was explained in great detail and we left without any questions at all. This ain’t her first time in this rodeo! The day we got home with our new baby Brutus Jr., he immediately went to the same veterinarian that has seen our other Rotties and the vet immediately commented on how beautiful of a dog he was, as did all of the staff. Everything checked out great, not to our surprise, and he weighed 13.1 pounds at 7 weeks old.


From our entire experience with Deb and Black Jade Rottweilers, we give her, her dogs and her dogs’ offspring a 5 star rating and absolutely could not be happier with our new little bundle of joy.


Thank you so much Deborah Brown!



The Wallace Family

Thank You for the New Addition!


We would just like to start off by saying,  thank you so much by providing the McClary family with our new addition. Prior to finding your site (Black Jade Rottweilers) we were searching for rotties and we couldn't find a site that shared so much information about the dogs and with Black Jade...no problem at all.


From the beginning, meeting Brutus and Envy (the handsome/beauties-strong, astute and incredibly approachable parents of our lovable Sasha) was a wonderful experience and not fearful (lol) as some of us thought may be. Deborah and Bobby, not only was your home inviting and clean but it was so organized for the housing of the dogs as well as the newborn puppies.


We always felt welcomed and again; being able to see and interact with Sasha's parents and all of the other dogs was helpful in our decision to move forward.  Information was always provided, in addition to the AKC, which was shown to us to assure our (burgundy girl) Sasha is healthy and indeed she is. 


We were a bit skeptical at first because we do have another dog already but Sasha and Onyx are getting along quite well and its a hoot to learn and watch. Anytime that we had an inquiry, Deborah ALWAYS responded soon after (voicemail, text, or a quick call) which was comforting. And we absolutely appreciated each and every pic or video sent to us, sharing our Sasha's progress and early milestones-fantastic!


We have no doubt that Sasha will grow up to be an obedient and healthy, yet protective dog. We thank you Deborah and Bobby from the bottom of our hearts. We've all fallen in love with Sasha and we'd recommend Black Jade to anyone looking to purchase a rottie puppy.


 The McClary family

 (Mike, Chris, Elijah, Kaela &Onyx)

Thank you Black Jade for a wonderful experience.  With this being my first experience with a breeder, I was essentially clueless.  But to my relief, the process was very smooth.  You answered all my questions with knowledge and patience.  Every step of the process was fully explained; from the traits of the parents, to helping me make an educated decision on which puppy would be the best fit for our family.  
Which leads me to "Fragile".  She has been a very happy addition to our family.  Everyday is an adventure :) She is so beautiful (the compliments come from all directions.  She's definitely a big hit at the vet's office). Her willingness to learn is amazing.  
Thank you again!  We will continue to send Fragile updates and will highly recommend Black Jade Rottweilers!

The Pinette family
Kimberlee, Lane, Lauren and Fragile

I would just like to thank you for are baby, Max! It has been a great and exciting experience. We have been looking to get a new rottie for years. For dogs they are my first love, but in saying that you don't want to get one from just anyone. Deb is great she answered all my questions and is very knowledgable about her dogs. We appreciated the weekly pictures and updates on Priska's journey to motherhood. Both Brutus and Priska are beautiful dogs! We knew when we saw them they were the pair we wanted to get a pup from. We have had him home for almost a month now and it's been great. Deb has answered any questions or concerns we've had. Thank you!

**The Bryson's Family**

We are highly satisfied with the experience of purchasing our puppy from Black Jade Rottweilers. We had extensively researched breeders for months before finding them. It was very important that we found a breeder that met our non-negotiables which were: 1) honesty; 2) listed pedigrees; and 3) updated us through the whole process. We found all of those things and more with Black Jade Rottweilers.

We were so impressed when we found the BJR website. All the sires and dams were listed, along with breeding dates AND OFA results. We had not seen a single breeder that had listed their dogs OFA results before. We were able to go the OFA website to verify these results. Of course this was very important to us because we wanted to make sure we were getting a quality puppy from healthy parents.

Deb kept us updated through the entire process from pregnancy to birth, and up until it was time to pick up our puppy. We were constantly updated with pictures and even a few videos. It is so great to have pictures of our Luna from the moment she was born. Also, Deb was always available if we had any questions.

When it came time to pick up Luna, Deb explained all the paperwork which was ready and organized for us. She went over everything in detail including the AKC registration process, what vaccines Luna already had and needed, and pedigree. Her house was very clean and organized and we were able to see Priska and Brutus (dam and sire of our puppy).

Thank you so much Black Jade Rottweilers for our Luna. She is exactly the addition to our family that we were looking for! Whenever it comes times to add another Rottie to our family, we will definitely be using Black Jade Rottweilers again.

The Erickson Family-Brian, Michelle and Luna.

Black Jade Rottweilers has gone above and beyond anything we ever expected from a breeder! Deb Brown not only worked with around our schedules and provided us with regular updates and photos of our future puppy, but has also been a great source of information and advice even AFTER our puppy purchase! We are so impressed with how organized and professional our experience with Black Jade Rottweilers has been.
In the Summer of 2013, Jason & I decided to adopt our first canine family member. I am a chronic pain and fatigue sufferer, and I often find myself mentally distraught. The addition of Charlie to our family has provided a positive challenge for both of us, keeps us both going, and is pushing us beyond what we EVER thought we were capable of! We just can't imagine our household without such an intelligent, healthy, and unique little soul!
Kimmerling Family

Our journey to find the right rottie puppy for our family started off a little rough. We searched all over the internet and we asked around town. We were just about to throw in the towel when I came across Black Jade Rottweilers online. The website was so informative and professional I had to call and inquire. My husband spoke to Deborah and she kindly gave us all the information we needed to decide if she was the breeder we were looking for. We set up a time to come visit her facility and we were pleasantly surprised at how clean it was. The kennels were customized to the T. All the dogs had great temperments, displayed no aggression and were well socialized with kids. When we saw Envy and Brutus we knew we wanted them to be the parents of our rottie puppy. Deb informed us of Envy's next "heat wave" and we glady waited until that special e-mail came in January 2014 that said "Envy has been bred to Brutus." Deb gave us weekly updates on Envy's pregnancy  with pictures, which made the process so exciting for our whole family. Once the puppies were born Deb sent us photos and videos every week. When the puppy selection time came, Deb made it very convenient for us to come out and choose the right puppy for us. When we saw the puppies, they were even more beautiful in person. We had 5 boys to choose from. Lets just say Red Boy chose us! Deb took time to explain all of his health records and AKC paperwork. Lazlo(red boy) is such a wonder addition to our family. He has all the great qualities you would want in a rottie. Black Jade Rottweilers have the best breeding business you could EVER ask for. Thank you so much for your dedication to the excellent breeding of rottweilers.


The Middlebrooks Family

First of all thank you to Deborah and Bobby Brown at Black Jade Rottweiler's for such a wonderful addition to our family.

We have owned Rottie's since 1982 and have dealt with many breeders in the past and BJR are one of the best.


Our last boy passed on in 2008 and we decided that it was time to welcome a new addition to the family. We had been searching for reputable breeders within a five hour drive as we prefer to meet the breeder and their dogs rather than looking for one sight unseen. We had researched and visited many breeders and accidentally came upon BJR after six months of searching.


We made an appointment and were very impressed with what we saw; their dogs are incredible. From the pedigrees to the health certs everything was meticulously in order, exactly what we were looking for.


One of the most important qualities that you look for in a Rottie is temperament and for a breed that is characteristically known for same sex aggression you will be amazed at how well their dogs interact with each other.


We liked what we saw so we placed a deposit knowing that we would have to wait nine months for our little bundle of joy. BJR kept us informed every step of the way, from conception, to birth, to the time we got to take him home. We received weekly updates, pictures and videos, the only way it could have been better is if we were physically there every step of the way.


BJR loves their dogs, they do their research and they know the breed. There are many breeders who make their living off of the Rottweiler and charge way too much for what they give you. With BJR the breed is what's important, not the money. If you are looking for a top of the line puppy with the perfect characteristics of the breed then BJR is one breeder that you need to take a look at.


Hats off to BJR, you have done the breed proud.

Rob & Deb P.

I wrote the below testimonial for Black Jade Rottweilers shortly after we brought “Hank” home. He is almost a year old, and I still feel the same way today. There is not a thing that I would change about the entire process. Deb and Bobby Brown were extremely professional from the first time I met them, and continue to answer any questions I have without hesitation to this day.


Hank was the second Rottweiler that I have owned, so I was familiar with the breed and what to expect from the beginning. I hired a trainer after he had his last round of shots, and sent him to a “basic obedience” course for 4 weeks. After I picked him up, I continued to work with him on a daily basis to maintain and advance his obedience.


I make it a point to take Hank for a 2 mile walk almost every day. He is so well behaved and advanced with his obedience at this point that I generally walk him without a leash. I just use an E collar on vibrate if necessary, but his shoulder is pretty much glued to my knee the entire walk. As you’ll see in the video that I’ve attached, Hank (who weighs roughly 85-90 lbs now) can easily be handled by my 5 year old son when on leash.


He is growing into an extremely well balanced dog, and I’ve put in countless hours and effort for this. We’ve recently started a “personal protection” training program with the same trainer that I originally hired. Even though we are constantly working him on his prey drive, confidence, suspicion of new people, and even that it’s acceptable to bite when he feels there is a threat; he still treats me, my wife, my kids, and anyone who comes into our home invited and welcomed by us as calm and as gently as always.


I’ve also included a video of my 5 year old son doing everything you could possibly think that a 5 year old could possibly do to agitate a dog, yet the most Hank will do is push him around with his body weight. My 5 year old constantly jumps on, pulls, and wrestles (supervised) with Hank like he’s rough housing with another kid, and we’ve never once had any issues with Hank being even remotely aggressive with him; even since we’ve been working on personal protection.


In addition to Hank having such a well-balanced temperament, we’ve also not had any health issues with him up to this point. All of his checkups have been normal, and our vet has not even thought a single time that there was anything we should be concerned about with him. It seems like all vets try to push you to spay and neuter your pet these days as soon as possible. However, per the agreement with Deb and my own personal choice, we won’t be neutering him until he is at least 2 years old to make sure he is fully mature and developed.


When he’s ready for us to wake up, he lets us know by jumping onto one side of our bed, walking over us, and jumping off the other side… repeatedly… until one of us caves and gets up to feed him. We have a very high bed, probably about 42” off the floor, and Hank jumps up and down without any problems or pain throughout the day. As I said before, I try to take him on a daily 2 mile walk in our neighborhood, and he’s never acted like any of his joints bothered him during or after our walk. He’ll chase a tennis ball at break neck speed for as long as you’re willing to throw one. Again, he’s never shown us any sign that he’s ever been in pain from any physical activity.


Hank has been a great addition to our family, and we’ll be looking to get another puppy (as our older rottie had to be put down in May) in roughly a year or two. I’ve already contacted Deb about putting a very early deposit down on a litter from a specific male and female when that time comes. The combination of professionalism, sheer passion for her dogs, and the overall experience and outcome we’ve had, makes the thought of getting our next puppy from any other breeder completely out of the question. I think that’s just about the best compliment or testimonial you can give to anyone… repeat business.


Please feel free to contact me directly regarding any further questions you may have about my experience with Deb and Bobby Brown and Black Jade Rottweilers.


Thank you,

Wes Lancaster

Hey Deb!  Sorry this took so long to get to you...  THANK YOU for everything!!!

Please see below:



Our journey with Black Jade Rottweilers started in February 2016.  I contacted Deb after searching for several months for a Rottweiler.  I found her website online and read all of the testimonials.  Many past buyers mentioned the love and care that Black Jade Rottweilers took with the puppies and their positive experience.  


From February to November, Deb was very up front and responed to all of my inquires immediately.  Once we made our selection we were given updates via email; pictures of xrays, updates when the puppies were born, as well as pictures and videos of the puppies.  


When selection day arrived, we were able to go to visit the puppies.  The house was clean and there was ZERO scent of dogs (note, there were 26 puppies in the house- they had 3 litters).  The adult dogs looked healthy and well taken care of.  Two weeks later we picked up Kona and were given a very comprehensive puppy packet.  


We were able to choose Kona (yellow girl from Adora x Vipir) and are BEYOND happy.  She's had 2 vet checks since she's been home and has passed with flying colors.  She's very calm at her appointments and the staff at the vet made it a point to mention it during her 2 visits.  She's wonderful with our two girls (we have a 2 year old and a 7 year old).  We brought her home when she was 7 weeks old and has slept through the night (in her crate) from day 1.  She's very playful and has added a lot of love to our family.  Our girls are in love!!


To all future buyers, people "on the fence," those of you still "searching" for a Rottweiler- when you choose Black Jade Rottweilers, you will be happy and confident with your decision.  They genuinely care about ALL of their dogs and treat the puppies like babies.  


Thank you Deb, Bob and Kris for loving all of the puppies and making sure they were well taken care of before they came "home."


The Cane Family

First, let me start by saying I'm glad I picked the right breeder. There are so many out there and you never know who's telling the truth.

Understanding that you had three litters at once I think you did all that you could have done as far as the updates. Looking at it from the consumer's side, more pictures would have been nice. However when it came to emails you were extremely on point. I always emailed late at night but I knew the next morning I would have an answer.
When I came out to your home I was pleasantly surprised. Most people with that many animals will not have an ordorless house. Oh and what kinda shampoo do you use on them? Zoya smelled so good. My puppy packet has everything in it that I should need. Even though I forgot it when I took her to the vet and had to call you. By the way she passed the vet check with an excellent Thanks for being available and not aggravated...Thanks for caring even after we get our babies.

Zoya Vom Black Jade is a great addition to the pack I already have. I definitely made the right choice and thanks for the input when asked. She is all over the place but she is smart as a whip. Potty training is coming along well and she already knows her name, sit and come. I'll keep in touch for sure. 
Cassandra Wyatt

Hey Deb,

We are very happy with our new addition to the family. You guys made the puppy selection process very easy and convenient. The breeders were very knowledge of the breed and were able to answer all questions and giving needed input. The picture updates were timely especially with you having 3 litters!! You always responded to my emails promptly which I appreciate.

Upon visiting your home, we found the adult dogs to be astounding and just what we were looking for. We were pleased to see that the puppies were kept inside the home. Your home had no puppy smell and we could see that the dogs were well taken care of.

Roscoe Von Black Jade had a great vet check! And of course they fell in love with him. We had to choose from a litter of 12 and he is the perfect pick for our family. The packets we received during the pick up were great and made the registration process very easy. 
The only negative point I have is that big pot of vegetable soup you had stewing when we came to pick up Roscoe!! You made me have to cook when I got home lol!!
Pictures coming soon. 

The Render's Family


Update on Roscoe undergoing training:



The first thing I'd like to say is that Deborah, her family and friends are the most caring, thoughtful and dedicated group of professionals, who truly care for the welfare of their Rottweilers big & small and the Rottweiler breed.
There was thee litters of puppies a total of 26 in all- and the first thing you noticed was that there was absolutely no animal smell in the house, and that's because what we witnessed was someone who continually made rounds cleaning up messes. 
My husband and I are in the animal care business ourselves and we thoroughly checked out Black Jade Rottweilers and are thrilled to have a new addition to our family and be an ambassador for the Rottweilers breed at our businesses. They are gentle giants carefully breed to have no inbreeding-beautiful personalities. Conformation and highly intelligent. We picked Black boy - out of Adora x Vipir and we know that he will turn a lot of heads and hearts , we love him so much for the joy he's already given us! I think it's safe to say that anyone who's ever purchased a puppy from Deborah would highly recommend them - I know that my husband and I already have and will continue to.
I could go on and on about them but you DON'T have to take my word check it out for yourself- I can guarantee you that we'd never buy from anyone else! Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Deborah and her family! 
The Hayden's DVM

Mrs. Brown,


Sorry I haven't responded sooner but wanted to give you an update on Ms. Pink (I've named her Snickers) from Adora and Vipers litter.  She has been a wonderful addition to my home.  I was the last pick female in that litter so I didn't really choose her but I couldn't imagine a better puppy.  She is super sweet with a little sassy side every now and then. Her vet checks have been good so far with 1 to go for her final puppy shot.  The vet has mentioned how happy, calm and attentive she is compared to most other rottie puppies he has seen and the his staff just loves her.  She has been great with her Crate and Potty training and I am glad to say we haven't had any potty accidents in the house in a couple of weeks. We have been doing some at home training and will be enrolling in puppy classes in January. She is really smart and has been very easy to train, by12 weeks old she had already learned to sit, lay, give paw, and stay until released.  


You made the adoption process easy and simple. From email updates to pick up day everything was done professionally. I knew I had chosen the right breeder when I came to pick up my puppy and you had everything waiting for me and the puppy packet I received had everything I needed. Thank you again for such a great puppy.




Eric Eleton


Hello Deborah,
Yes, Cayenne is amazingly gorgeous, at four months he's big and healthy. In this coming month we are traveling to Brasil. It was a pleasure giving out your contact info. I made right choice purchase from Black Jade Rottweiler !Thank you.

The Machado Family

On the left (Beaux) pup off of Vipir x Fate & on the right (Kali) pup off of Sophie x Rolex

Tyson @ 9 months old. WOW!!! What a stunning shot!!!


Thank you so much for our Vipir/Fate puppy!  Ms. Purple, now Mystique is the perfect choice for our family.  She is absolutely beautiful and healthy.  She is quite a handful with a lively personality, and she is totally worth it.  She is now 15 weeks and has settled into her schedule.  

We were excited to get your updates as we went through the process.  Once she was born we appreciated the pictures.  We know it was difficult to find the time to communicate while taking care of 26  puppies.  You were so patient with us as we tried to choose from 3 equally gorgeous pups!  It was the hardest thing I have had to do in a while.  😊  I have to say you were very professional, organized and methodical in breeding and preparing the owner for their puppy.  I can see you care about each puppy that leaves your home.  Mystique was well cared for , and we know we have a quality Rottweiler.  Thank you for the final member of our family!

A Dona offspring

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We added "Apache" a male from Viper and Donna to our family on Oct 5th this year. Our experience with Deb and Bobby at BJR was a joy. We originally placed a deposit on a prior litter and reserved a third pick of a male but unfortunately there were not enough males for us to receive a puppy at that time. Deb counseled us on what future litter options and timelines would look like and we moved our deposit to the next available. We ended up with first male pick. Now having Apache in our home and a loving member of our family,  I cannot picture having another puppy other than him at this point. All that is required to know that Deb and Bobby have a passion for rotties is to visit them. When we went to make our selection, I was amazed at how much attention to detail and love they put into their adult dogs and certainly the litters produced.  BJR is no puppy mill.  These are top line dogs that anyone would be proud to have in their family.


At 14 weeks, Apache has never been sick and he has quickly grasped all basic obedience commands. He was house broken in the first few days. Simply put, The dog is intelligent and eager to please. My only regret is, I did not bring home a second pup and double the joy.


Tom Evans Maj (RET) US Army

In a search for a Rottweiler puppy we stumbled upon Black Jade’s website and immediately fell in love when we were sent a picture of Roxie. Deborah was quick to reply and answer all of our questions and the transaction was simple as could be. Two days later she arrived and we’ve been in love ever since!

We are so happy with our puppy from BJR. We purchased a female from a Vipir x Dona breeding, and as soon as we saw her, we knew. We were planning to wait for a puppy from a different pairing, but my husband fell in love with her at first sight. Now named Ripley, she's growing like a weed, and is sure to be a huge pup.  But more than that, she's got the PERFECT personality, and the care taken in the breedings are easily apparent. She's fearless, friendly and curious. She plays well with other dogs, she loves being petted and is never scared or timid when meeting new people.


When we met Deb in-person, she was warm and welcoming, and happy to let us stay for as long as we needed to make our decision. We were able to see all of the other dogs, and despite have 3 litters in the house, it was kept spotlessly clean. My husband and I were both amazed - no hint of dog smell despite having had so many puppies in the house! We picked her up the following week, and even while busy with an unexpected birthing and obviously tired from a long night, Deb was pleasant and happy to see us take our pup home. Would 100% buy another puppy from BJR in the future.

We have done so much research on breeders searching the net, and very glad to run across Deb Brown, My family and I really enjoyed coming out to your home to pick up our puppy. Deb, you are the best breeder we have ever came across. My sons really enjoyed coming out and to come to your home and everything was in place. We really appreciate your professionalism and we will be back again very soon. Thanks Deb for everything.


Don W. Newsome

I first want to say that my husband and I researched several different breeders before we came across BJR.  We just didn’t get that “this is it” feeling with other breeders.  Once we checked out your website and I got a chance to speak with you, I knew BJR was the right place for us.  I could tell that you love what you do and that you care for each one of you rotties as if they were your children.  We lost our previous Rottweiler earlier this year to health issues.  So it was very important to me to make sure that the breeder we chose held health in high regard.  Seeing how much you loved your babies just made it clear that we were at the right place.


Our home is now complete again with this not-so-little guy.  Richter has definitely made our home lively.  He is so full of character and loves to learn.  We’re very proud of him and we’re blessed to consider ourselves as part of the BJR family.


Paula Hall

There are so many wonderful things that I could say about Deb Brown and BJR! Our family began our search for our Rottweiler puppy in March 2017 and came across BJR. I sent Deb a message inquiring about her puppies and she immediately called me back. We spoke that morning and she invited us out to see the adult dogs and the one puppy that she had left! We knew that we had found a gem when we met Deb and saw sweet Ketty, our Harlee’s Mom. We made our deposit within a few days and the wait was on!! Deb was fantastic about keeping us updated on Ketty and the puppies and was even quick to respond when we had questions. I knew I had some silly questions, but I never felt it was a bother when Deb responded! 

Our puppy selection process was really difficult for us because my boys and I wanted all of them! We narrowed it down to Ms. Black from the Ketty x Vipir litter and she is PERFECT!! Our Harlee is the sweetest puppy and she fits our family so well! We could not be happier with her, Deb, or BJR! I have even had to catch myself because every time I see one of the BJR puppies, I want to call Deb for another one!! 💗🐶

Thank you so much Deb for an incredible experience adding this sweet princess to our family! 

This is Black Jade's "Jedi" Knight.  He is Ketty/Vipir's "blue boy".  We would like to thank Deb for such a great buying experience!  When we visited and placed our deposit, Ketty had been in heat only once. As we waited, Deb kept us abreast of Ketty's growth and development through photos and other updates.  Finally, when it was time for her to be bred, it was done through artificial insemination.  That, too, was recorded for us to view!  Finally, our litter was born!  Deb's weekly photos/videos quickly became the most anticipated time in our home!  As one can tell, I could go on and on!  From puppy selection to pickup, she was awesome!  She even touched bases with us, I'd say within the first 48hrs, to check on his transition. We ended up with a great dog, who will begin training for personal protection and possibly see the show ring in 2018!

Britt Stephens 

Couldn't be more happy with BJR. We have purchased two male rotts from her over the last 7 years. Our original pup was a fantastic dog. Very obedient and listened to commands extremely well. He was EXTREMELY loyal to me.

I just went back and purchased a second male this year. At 12 weeks old, he is already at 32 lbs, house trained, car trained and we are working on multiple commands. I take him onto jobsites with me(Feisty Goat Tree Service) where he says right by my side while I walk around. Awesome temperament with out customers as well. Each of our customers will play with him and ask for him to stay once the job is complete. He is shaping up to be just as great as my previous pup.

Couldnt be happier. Thank you Deb!

Adopted my puppy Faith from Black Jade Rottweilers and a love affair began. Great breeder of very fine dogs and very happy to assist you with any and all questions about the breed and adoption process. I would absolutely purchase another Rottie from Deb and Bobby. Check out their website for additional information.

BELIEVE THE HYPE! I REPEAT, BELIEVE THE HYPE! We purchased our new pup Ralynn from Deb and Bobby And it was honestly more than just a money transaction to them. We actually felt like family. After months of searching for a decent breeder I came across Black Jade Rottweilers and the search was over. Me and Deb talked on the phone for almost a hour and she even held out on making money right then and there, so She could make sure I got the litter that was right for what we were looking for. Our Puppy has proper head structure, great bone, and full of drive. Trust me when I tell you this is the Rottie Family that You want to be in. I text her all the time with updates, and she replies and still checks on the puppies even though there gone from her presence. I highly recommend other buyers to come interact and purchase a family member from Black Jade Rottweilers , Because my family will DEFINITELY be a repeat customer!


-Jeremy Daniels


Hi Deborah,


sorry for taking so long to write, things just have been crazy.  


Ripley is doing just fine.  Her next Parvo shot is tomorrow.  We have keep her isolated to our fenced in patio.  Getting big! And she is developing such a big personality.  She loves to lay next to me.  She gets me up about 5 in the morning, I let her out and then we go back to sleep.  I lay on the couch and put her up there with me, she seems to find a way to always to get as close to me as she can.  When she is ready to eat, she will start licking my face, and if I don't respond she nips me.  She has started doing what Roxy used to do which is lay across my chest.  She is such a joy, and comfort, to me that words can never thank you enough.  As long promised below is my testimonial:


I lost my 4.5 year old Rottie (Roxy) to mast cell cancer after a long battle.  I was absolutely heart broken.  My wife knew that I was suffering from the loss of my friend so she searched the Internet for a reputable breeder.  The first breeder to pop up was Black Jade Rottweilers.  My wife contacted Deborah and we found out that she had a litter that would be ready by Kettie.  Deborah is fantastic.  When I talked to Deborah she was so understanding about the loss of my Roxy and that I wanted to find another Rottie.  She sent us pictures of the litter, and I feel in love with red girl (now Ripley).  Throughout the process Deborah kept us informed of how the pups were doing, sent us pictures on regular basis.  We were 2nd pick for the females.  When we arrived, handled by appointment, I was so impressed with Deborah, her husband Bobby, the condition of the puppies, the kennels, everything.  Deborah showed the sire and the dame, took the time to tell us their history, how many times the dame had been bred.  Beautiful Rotties.  I did pick Red Girl and named her Ripley (a strong female Rottweiler name). When we picked up Ripley and Deborah took the time to explain the health contract, all the forms, shot requirements, spade requirements.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and caring when it comes to the puppies. She followed up with us and answered any questions we had.  After Ripley's first vet check the vet could not get over how healthy Ripley was....no parasites, the records Deborah provided were spot on.  Words can never describe how wonderful Deborah and Black Jade is.  If you are looking for Rottweiler, Black Jade is the only place to look.    You will not be disappointed.  I know have two (2) new friends, Ripley and Deborah.  Thanks Deborah !


Jack and Cleo


Jack Huddleston, PhD


Happy Labor Day Deb!
My testimonial is waaay late, I have been sooo busy Loving on and Training Apollo, that time just got away from me. First off, after eliminating other Breeders from a pool of 9 [nine], Black Jade Rottweilers, caught my eye. I went on "You Tube" and watched older video of you working with your Pack, and Pups. It struck me that there was something different going on at Black Jade Rottweilers and the brings me to this, you worked tirelessly on my behalf to produce my pup. I was pacing the floor that Saturday in June when Farina Futogline went into Labor. I was glued to my screen watching each Pup come out. when you advised me that "Pick" Day was 4 August 18, I was thrilled! I watched each Male Pups interactions, reactions etc. Let me tell you, they were ALL STUNNAS, but I could only pick one...I had my eye on "Mr. Blue", and so I picked him. the day. My Brother From Another and drove straight through to Georgia, and when we arrived at your Beautiful Home, it was like the end of a Quest for me. your Husband Bobby, was very knowledgeable about the Breed, and I could tell he was Proud of the Puppies. You were Amazing! so well organized, your Home clean and organized, I thought to myself [how in the Hell does she DO it]! Fast forward to Apollo's first visit to his Vet, Dr. [who has Rotties as Well] said to me;"He is by far, one of the Best looking Rottie Pup,I have ever seen"! the Dr was impressed by his coat, his head, the line of his back, and how solid Apollo was. He said :"You're going to have a Big Boy on your hands, look at those paws"! I am complimented constantly when I am walklng Apollo. Pardon my lengthy Testimonial, but I wanted You and Bobby to know, that because of BJR, I am THE PROUD Owner of The Best Looking Rottie
Grace F Bailey







Our family is super grateful we found a wonderful breeder like Black Jade Rottweilers. After our first Rottie, Selene, passed away it took some time to get over it but once I did my family knew we would be getting our second Rottie from you. You are pleasant and supportive. You always answer my questions and give me honest feedback. I enjoyed meeting your facility and your dogs are well kept. You made us feel like we were making the right choice and we never doubted ourselves. Picking the puppy out of the litter was the hardest part!!! We never really had a doubt we picked the wrong one. Lucian is amazing. He's sweet, yet stubborn and I know he's going to make an amazing family addition. I hope we raise him right and do the breed justice. We absolutely love our gentle giant.

Mahdavi Family


We had to say goodbye to our beloved 13 year-old rottie, Hines, one year ago. He left behind a very energetic brother, Diesel. Diesel became very lethargic and was extremely lonely. We thought this would pass over time; it did not. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see Diesel so despondent. Therefore, our search for a rottie breeder in Georgia became our focus. We found Black Jade Rottweilers. What an absolute blessing!!


When we decided on Chloe to be the momma of our new pups, the detailed process began. Deb kept us informed on Chloe's next breeding and when it didn't look like that was going to happen as soon as we had hoped, Fate had a litter of 10 beautiful puppies. We were given the option to select puppies from her litter rather than wait. Between our excitement and Diesel's loneliness, we opted to choose from Fate's litter. As soon as we did, Deb kept us updated on their progress thru pictures, videos, vet visits, and so forth each week. When Sunday came, we were looking for emails and pictures first thing in the morning!! We immediately felt as though we were part of the FAMILY!!


Selection day came and we were so excited!! We chose Ms. Yellow, now Onyx, and Mr. Burgundy ("don't choose burgundy"-family joke), now Ryker. We decided on two puppies this time so they would have each other when Diesel (almost 9 years-old) joins his brother, Hines, on the Rainbow Bridge (as well as, Blitz, our 2nd rottie). The decision was the BEST for our family!! Diesel loves Onyx and Ryker and it has rejuvenated his spirit. They also adore their big brother. 


Deb and Bobby Brown are AMAZING!! They have a love for this breed like no other. ❤

Their dogs have a wonderful place to call HOME, and their puppies until they go to their forever homes. All of them are well taken care of and their vet's medical evaluation is extremely thorough. You could not ask for more. Thank-you Deb and Bobby for loving what you do!! It shows in every aspect of BJR!!

I will always remember the first time I talked to Deb Brown, she could have thought I was crazy but she didn't, I was a crying mess and she was so great and understanding because she truly loves what she does. We lost Ronin, he was our first Rottweiler, our first family dog, and our first love of this breed! We found out in February Ronin had Hemangiosarcoma, we thought that was the worst day of our lives, but that came on July 3rd when we finally decided it was time to save him from the pain. My husband and I did a lot of talking in the few days after and we decided since it wasn't going to happen over night that we need to start researching breeders. We made the mistake of buying Ronin from a puppy mill very common up in the northeast area apparently, at the time we had no idea, needless to say he had a lot of health issues his whole life even though we would of moved heaven and earth to make sure he was taken care of, a product of bad breeding. We also have a rescue Rottie named Blitz that only knew everyday with his brother Ronin, Blitz got very depressed and stopped playing and eating. Although we knew he need time to greive we knew he would need another dog too. Bill(my husband) and myself started asking for references on all the Facebook pages we are apart of,  Deb and Bobby Brown of Black Jade Rottweiler's came so highly recommended, more so than any other breeder! I did ALOT of stalking facebook, google, and you tube for a couple of weeks when we decided to reach out, the initial reason was because I fell in love with Vipir, and when I got to speak to Deb on the phone I knew this was who we wanted to get a puppy from. Getting Harley was a little bit of a surprise but one of the best ever and we love her as much as we do Gunner! Blitz got an added bonus of a sister that he truly loves and she keeps him on his feet! Blitz is a puppy again himself! Harley and Gunner's temperament is outstanding they are so smart and truly what we wanted. I entrusted Deb for her knowledge, love and passion for this breed, anyone is lucky to get a puppy from them. She is very upfront and honest about all the breeding and puppies, she has a great process in play for breeding, choosing the puppies, and picking them up. She does all the necessary testing, health checks and openly shares them. Most of all she brings you in and treats you like family! I highly recommend Black Jade Rottweiler's!



We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing what you do and sharing it with us! 




The Delesky's


Bill, Nicole, Serina, Riley, Kendall, Blitz, Gunner and Harley




















Hi Deb,
I hope you and the family had a very blessed Christmas and that you are enjoying having the kids home!
After we lost our beloved Rottie "Niner" in June of 2018 I didn't think I would neccessarily want to own another Rott. Partly because I didnt want to replace Niner and partly because I just didnt know if I wanted to start over with another large, hard headed (albeit very sweet) dog. After several months of thought and discussion, and desperately missing my large, stubborn dog, I decided another Rott was exactly what I needed.
As the breeder I had purchased from before is no longer in the business, I dove head first into extensive online research for a reputable breeder. I wanted a breeder that had a passion and love for the breed, whose dogs were of breed standards and whose dogs had great temperaments. With a dog of this size and power, temperament is of utmost importance to me because of the amount of kids, friends and other animals that frequent our home all the time. I narrowed my search down to 3 breeders that seemed to offer what I was looking for. I had phone conversations with all 3 and I must say, I was sold with you after our first conversation.You spent as much time as I needed, answered all my questions and had a palpable passion I could feel even over the phone. You didn't give me answers just to appease me and make the sale, you gave me honest answers that would enable me to make an informed decision as to wheter this was the right "fit" for me. Thank you for your honesty and direction!!
We chose a breeding between Vipir and Foa and I could not be more pleased with the results! Your contact via email, texts and pictures from the beginning of the pregnancy, the birth and all the way until it was time to take our pup, was amazing! 
We are from California and could not physically come out to meet our guy, so we placed a lot of trust in you and you delivered in spades! I had never purchased a dog without first visiting them, the parents and the kennel. Our choice to do that this time, came down to knowing that we could trust you!! It was also the first time I would need to have my puppy shipped to me. I know there is a lot involved to make this happen and from my perspecitive, it happened seamlessly! You took care of it all and he arrived in perfect condition! All I had to do was send a check, and I might add, I don't think you charge enough for the shipping to cover the costs along with your time and efforts, just sayin:).
We named our lil/big guy Bruce. My daughters thought his chest markings looked like bat wings so Bruce is for Bruce Wayne/Batman lol. The name wasn't my first choice but the girls won and actually the name is growing on me and fits him perfectly! He is everything we wanted in a pup. He is loving and cuddly yet fiesty and rambunctious! He is absolutely stunning to look at and everyone boasts about how beautiful he is, how big he is, how blocky his head is etc. He is PERFECT and everything we could have hoped for. Bruce has integrated well with our family and the other 3 dogs we have. He loves the human attention he gets as I take him out in public to help him socialize. He loves playing with other dogs (I'm very careful with this as he hasn't had all rounds of his shots yet). He is just such a well rounded, sound boy! ALSO, he had his first vet visit and exam and came out with flying colors!
Thank you so much for such an amazing experience and beautiful dog! You have a client/friend for life and I will highly promote Deb Brown and Black Jade Rottweilers any time I can! Feel free to have future clients reach out to me for a referral. Once again, thank you and I hope you and your family enjoy the rest of the holidays!!

Damon Lazalier